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Our Story

Our work is our passion

Alsatian artisan baker/pastry chef’s son and grandson, Jean François TAVIER was graduated of the pastry and chocolate maker master’s qualification at Mulhouse. During few years, he was manager in this domain for a prestigious house in Switzerland. Later, he joins his family in the South of France, where he integrates the Central-Diffusion society. With his strong experience in the realization, production, sale and coaching’s domains, he will restart the society "Feuilletés de Provence" in October 2015, which he wants at his image : "authentic, dynamic and at the customers’ service". 
He develops a products’ range "Tourtiere & Croustade" which is in reflection with the unique pastry’s spirit, both ancestral and innovative, and sweet "Feuilletés" with multiple and tasty toppings, which will apply exclusively to catering profession’s professionals.

vitrine de la boulangerie familiale des TAVIER

Our Know-How

The "Tourtière" is an ancestral French specialities of the Gers, at the image of this region, generous, authentic and tasty. It’s registered in a gourmet’s tradition, as the "Canelé"  of Bordeaux or the "Kouglof" of Alsace 
At the base, the "Tourtière" reside in the unique, finely extended and cut dough. Then, it’s superimposed in multiple layers to receive an almond cream’s thin topping and half-cooked steamed’s sliced fruits ; all sprayed with the Armagnac’s preparation. 
This manufacturing’s secret is making it an home-made, light and crispy pastry. 

Transmission of Know-How

Benefit from a dynamic professionals’ team, with you, in your laboratory, to transmit you a know-how of original, fast and profitable manufacturing, thanks to the raw materials of the range Tourtière. So distance yourselves from your competitors!

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